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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP group> +[[tardigrade_lawsuit|{{:two_tardigrades.jpg?​nolink|}}]] \\ 
-<WRAP half column>​ +**ROCKY START** CBS has been sued by an indie videogame developer ​who alleges ​//Star Trek: Discovery// "​willfully and maliciously"​ stole key features of his videogame, including a space-hopping tardigrade. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[tardigrade lawsuit|Read more »]] \\ <wrap em lo>​UPDATE</​wrap>​ Attorney errors mean this lawsuit was delayed more than a week in being served to CBS and Netflix. [[tardigrade_lawsuit_trouble|Read the update ​»]] /* (Filed ​8/22/18) */ 
-[[harsh criticism|{{::​skin_game-1.jpg?​nolink|}}]] \\ +---- 
-**SKIN IN THE GAME** A reader wonders about the motivation behind **AxaMonitor**. Editor Carlos Pedraza answers the criticism, providing ​an overview of Axanar'​s lack of accountability and its treatment of now-former supporters ​who questioned OWC Studios head Alec Peters'​ narrative justifying why $1.7 million later //Axanar// has yet to be made. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[harsh criticism|Read more »]] /* (Filed ​5/2/18) */ +[[august_2018_update|{{:comic-con_premiere.jpg}}]] ​\\ 
-</​WRAP>​ +**RED CARPET PREMIERE?** AxaMonitor fact-checks Alec Peters’ August 2018 production ​updateFans hoping to see the two short films comprising what’s left of Axanar may not have much longer to wait, if Peters' ​Comic-Con 2019 target is to be believed: But his proposed shooting schedule comes with a number of caveats{{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} ​[[august 2018 update|Read more »]] /* (Filed ​8/21/18) */
-<WRAP half column> +
-[[https://​youtu.be/​8mieVx5VgUI|{{::​trekzone_24months.jpg?nolink|}}]] +
-**THIRTY DAYS OUT** //Axanar// was famously purported only a month out from production ​before the CBS/​Paramount copyright lawsuit hitThe dubiousness ​of the claim was first recorded in OWC Studios head Alec Peters' ​infamous interview ​with the TrekZone Spotlight two years agoWatch this two-year retrospective by **AxaMonitor** and TrekZone. [[yout>​8mieVx5VgUI|Watch now »]] /* (Filed ​4/27/18) */ +
-</​WRAP>​ +
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