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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-[[tardigrade_lawsuit|{{:two_tardigrades.jpg?nolink|}}]] \\ +[[peters sues burnett|{{:peters_burnett_bridge.jpg|}}]] 
-**ROCKY START** CBS has been sued by an indie videogame developer who alleges //Star Trek: Discovery// "​willfully and maliciously"​ stole key features of his videogameincluding ​space-hopping tardigrade. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[tardigrade lawsuit|Read more »]] \\ <wrap em lo>​UPDATE<​/wrap> Attorney errors mean this lawsuit was delayed more than a week in being served ​to CBS and Netflix. [[tardigrade_lawsuit_trouble|Read the update ​»]] /* (Filed ​8/22/18) */+**ACRIMONY LEADS TO LAWSUIT** Alec Peters sues former Axanar director Robert Meyer Burnett in Georgia court, as legal questions emerge over whether Georgia ​has jurisdiction over Burnett, a California resident. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[peters sues Burnett|Read more »]] /* (Filed 2/20/19) */ 
 +**CORRELATION AIN'T CAUSATION** Axanar blogger Jonathan Lane cherry-picks Patreon data to discredit AxaMonitor'​s coverageLane tries to make the case AxaMonitor’s reporting on the slowdowns of Alec Peters’ Patreon effort is spurring more donations. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} ​[[misinterpret patreon data|Read more »]] /* (Filed ​2/20/19) */
 ---- ----
-[[august_2018_update|{{:comic-con_premiere.jpg}}]] ​\\ +[[hero_prop_suit|{{::​enterprise_e_lawsuit.jpg|}}]] 
-**RED CARPET PREMIERE?** AxaMonitor fact-checks ​Alec Peters’ August 2018 production updateFans hoping to see the two short films comprising what’left of Axanar may not have much longer ​to waitif Peters' ​Comic-Con 2019 target ​is to be believedBut his proposed shooting schedule comes with number of caveats. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[august 2018 update|Read more »]] /* (Filed ​8/21/18) */+**PETERS'​ TRIAL** for defamation in the disputed sale of the Enterprise-E model (pictured with its last known owner) has been scheduled for January 2020. Meanwhile, he's countersuing the owner of Hero Prop in Las Vegas, seeking nearly $200,000 in damages, costs and fees. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[hero prop suit|Read more »]] /* (Filed 2/19/19) */ 
 +**BAIT AND SWITCH?** A new Patreon update video appears to be pulling a bait-and-switch with regard to the warehouse donors may believe they'​re paying for. The video features an impressive tour of the facility, with its features extolled by Axanar'​s ​Alec Peters. ​Trouble is, he's moving out of that studio May 1. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[bait switch|Read more »]] /* (Filed 2/16/19) */ 
 +**CONTRADICTORY DETAILS** emerge in the story of Other World Computing'​financial support for the former OWC Studios. They shine a spotlight on inconsistencies in Alec Peters'​ story about the sponsorship,​ which forms part of his Patreon pitch to fans. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[owc contradictions|Read more »]] /* (Filed 2/14/19) */ 
 +[[tardigrades_dismissal_motion|{{ :​tardigrades_dismissal_motion.jpg?​nolink}}]] 
 +**MANUFACTURED SIMILARITIES** CBS files a motion to dismiss the Tardigrades copyright caseclaiming the game's creator manipulated images and text to create similarities to //Star Trek: Discovery// he is trying ​to exploit to his advantage in court. {{:axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[tardigrades dismissal motion|Read more »]] /* (Filed 2/13/19) */ 
 +<WRAP group> 
 +<WRAP half column>​ 
 +**LOSS OF WAREHOUSE** spurs donations, as Axanar must move for the second time in two years, again to an ever-smaller facility. Daily Patreon signups climbed into double digits for the first time since January 23, following Axanar producer Alec Peters’ acknowledgement he's abandoning ​his current warehouse. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[spurring donations|Read more »]] /* (Filed 2/11/19) */ 
 +<WRAP half column>​ 
 +**SHRINKING STUDIO** For the second time in two years, Alec Peters must move to smaller warehouse, with fans picking up the tab. Peters concedes he can't raise the money he needs to keep his current facility. The space available for Axanar has only shrunk since he lost Industry Studios in California {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[incredible shrinking studio|Read more »]] /* (Filed ​2/10/19) */ 
 /* {{page>​status}} */ /* {{page>​status}} */