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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-[[tardigrade_lawsuit|{{:two_tardigrades.jpg?​nolink|}}]] ​\\ +[[tardigrade_october|{{:tardigrades_lawsuit_10_31_18.jpg?​nolink|}}]] 
-**ROCKY START** CBS has been sued by an indie videogame ​developer ​who alleges ​//Star Trek: Discovery// ​"​willfully ​and maliciously"​ stole key features of his videogameincluding ​space-hopping tardigrade. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[tardigrade ​lawsuit|Read more »]] \\ <wrap em lo>UPDATE</wrapAttorney errors mean this lawsuit was delayed more than a week in being served ​to CBS and Netflix. [[tardigrade_lawsuit_trouble|Read the update ​»]] /* (Filed 8/22/18) */ +<fs smaller>**DESTROYING DISCOVERY**: The latest on the Tardigrades copyright lawsuit against ​CBS and Netflix. The game developer ​suing over //Star Trek: Discovery// ​wants all the profits ​and every copy destroyedand federal judge approves a 30-day extension for the networks to respond to the suit. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[tardigrade ​october|Read more »]]</fs> /* (Filed 10/31/18) */ 
----- + 
-[[august_2018_update|{{:comic-con_premiere.jpg}}]] \\ +<WRAP group> 
-**RED CARPET PREMIERE?** AxaMonitor fact-checks ​Alec Peters’ August 2018 production update. Fans hoping to see the two short films comprising what’s left of Axanar may not have much longer to waitif Peters' Comic-Con 2019 target is to be believed: But his proposed shooting schedule comes with bunch of caveats. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[august 2018 update|Read more »]] /* (Filed ​8/21/18) */+<WRAP half column>​ 
 +<WRAP box> 
 +[[axacon_records|{{:​finances-binders.jpg?​nolink|}}]] \\ 
 +<fs smaller>​**OPEN RECORDS CLOSED TO CRITICS** Responding ​to continued calls for accountability,​ OWC Studios head Alec Peters says only Axanar supporters get to examine the ill-fated fan film’s financial records as part of Axacon — but only for two hoursMeanwhile, critics will continue to be shut out, despite offers to pay for an independent audit. Also, read the advice Peters has gotten about how to silence critics. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} ​[[axacon_records|Read more »]]</​fs> ​/* (Updated 10/30/18) */ 
 +<WRAP half column>​ 
 +<WRAP box> 
 +[[hero_prop_suit|{{:enterprise-e.jpg?nolink|}}]] \\ 
 +<fs smaller>**ANOTHER LAWSUIT** OWC Studios head and Axanar producer ​Alec Peters ​is being sued for defamation by a Las Vegas prop dealer after he threatened legal action over the disputed sale of the Enterprise-E model. The suit seeks at least $15,000 in damages after Peters ​allegedly threatened the company for commission he says he's owed. {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink|}} [[hero prop suit|Read more »]]</​fs> ​/* (Filed ​10/11/18) */ 
 /* {{page>​status}} */ /* {{page>​status}} */