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2020/03/16 10:16 Carlos Pedraza Prelude to Axanar By Carlos Pedraza Prelude to Axanar (full title: The Four Years War Part III: Prelude to Axanar) is a 2014 fan-made short film, 22 minut… , , ,
2019/01/02 11:49 Carlos Pedraza NOT HAPPY Axanar’s former chief technologist leaked the ‘fully revised, locked’ script after producer Alec Peters criticized him again on Facebook. Former CTO … , , , , ,
2018/01/09 21:08 Carlos Pedraza NO MORE ENTERPRISE Among the changes in a new fan-edit of Prelude to Axanar is obscuring which Constitution-class vessel appears in the film. Photo/“Tom Richard… , ,
2017/07/20 23:41 Carlos Pedraza Peters Threatens Legal Action Against 'Prelude' Blooper Reel Former Chief Technologist Promises Bloopers Will Embarrass Axanar Producer By Carlos Pedraza … , , ,
2017/03/02 21:16 Carlos Pedraza Analysis The Shoe is on the Other Foot Following Lawsuit, Axanar Ironically Claims Copyright Protection From Fan Edit of ‘Prelude’ By Carlos Pedraza AxaM… , ,
2017/02/19 20:58 Carlos Pedraza Exclusive Interview The fan editor of Prelude to Axanar: Redux dedicated the Alec Peters-free work to the recently deceased Richard Hatch, who played Klingo… ,
2017/02/19 12:17 Carlos Pedraza YouTube/Tom Richardson Fan-Edit of 'Prelude' Eliminates Alec Peters Axanar Issues Takedown Notice on YouTube, Director Calls Cut ‘Powerful Feedback’ By C… , ,