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2018/04/19 08:04 Carlos Pedraza The Wrap CBS Warned Axanar About Possible Legal Action Four Months Before Lawsuit The Wrap is an entertainment and media news website founded by Sharon Waxma… , , ,
2018/04/01 14:22 Carlos Pedraza BRAIN? BRAIN? Bloomberg might have chosen a more complimentary photo to illustrate its Axanar article than a still from the universally ridiculed Star Trek epis… , ,
2018/04/01 14:20 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Ben Sutherland Axanar Opposes Studios' Attempt to Exclude Evidence Defendants Want to Use Altered Financials and J.J. Abrams, Justin Lin’s Testimony … , , , ,
2018/04/01 14:19 Carlos Pedraza CBS Studios CBS Studios Inc., formally CBS Studios International, is one of the two named plaintiffs in the legal complaint against Alec Peters and Axanar Prod… , , , , , ,
2018/04/01 14:18 Carlos Pedraza [The Battle of Copyright. Used under Creative Commons license.] Copyright Infringement LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a … , , ,