AXANAR UPDATE Producer Alec Peters updates plans for producing Axanar Lite. Image/Axanar YouTube channel

MAY 8, 2019 | 3 MIN READ

New Timeline for Axanar Lite Premiere: Comic-Con 2020

A year after failing to deliver a Comic-Con 2019 premiere, Axanar mostly unprepared, still without money

Comic-Con 2020 is the new premiere date for Axanar Lite, the two short films producer Alec Peters is allowed to make under terms of the settlement of the lawsuit against him by CBS/Paramount.

October Production Start

Peters told the 48 viewers who tuned into Monday night’s Axanar: Confidential that he planned to start shooting in October 2019.

Four Shoots

Peters said he now expects the production to shoot in four phases and places:

  • Atlanta for as many as two days in October for scenes involving Peters, veteran Trek actor J.G. Hertzler and other cast who don’t require alien makeup.
  • Los Angeles (no date announced) for as many as three days to shoot cast members playing aliens.
  • An unnamed location serving as Starfleet Headquarters, date unknown. These larger crowd scenes will accommodate people whose donations qualified them to appear in the film.
  • “Other sets” Peters didn’t name, though he said some footage to be shot there was for Axanar, other footage for unnamed other projects.

Audio Drama

Also planned during the Atlanta shoot: recording an audio version of the script for the feature film, forestalled by the CBS/Paramount lawsuit.

Mission Creep?

What was once slated to be two, 15-minute films, relatively easy to shoot, on the order of Prelude to Axanar‘s two-day shoot, is evolving into a more sprawling, ambitious affair, comprising production across the country in multiple locations.


Despite the target date for beginning to produce Axanar Lite in October, none of the other three shoots has yet been scheduled. The script continues to undergo revision by writer-director Paul Jenkins, making it difficult to create a budget.

Moreover, what Peters is most lacking is money, and his Ares Digital 3.0 fundraising platform suffered from continued delays. He has yet to raise what he estimates will be a $200,000 budget.


Peters hopes to rent the same off-site theater during San Diego Comic-Con in 2020 for premiere of the film. Of course, he confidently predicted in 2018 that Axanar Lite would premiere at Comic-Con 2019.

Star Trek Las Vegas. Finally, he says 2020 attendees at STLV will get to see the films, too. Off-site, of course, since Axanar is likely not welcome at the official convention held by those who sued him for copyright infringement.

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