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FEBRUARY 25, 2019 | 3 MIN READ

Peters Proposes Settling with Former Axanar Director

Settlement Terms Highlight What Peters Wants Kept Quiet

A rejected settlement proposal from Alec Peters outlines his biggest beefs with former Axanar director Robert Meyer Burnett. AxaMonitor obtained a copy of the settlement agreement Peters wanted Burnett to sign in order to avoid litigation. AxaMonitor turned out to be named in the deal.

Keep Out of the Public Eye

The proposed settlement offers a look into what’s really at stake in Peters' suit, and what Burnett must concede for Peters to give up the money he says he’s owed.

Don’t talk to AxaMonitor. Ever.

Burnett must agree never to speak with AxaMonitor editor Carlos Pedraza, Alpha Waves Radio host and former 1701 News editor Michael Hinman or ardent Facebook critic Shawn O’Halloran. And Burnett can’t try to worm his way around this by trying to get anyone to share information on his behalf.

More important than money

Peters is willing to drop all his claims for money (at least $45,500 worth) if Burnett only “specifically acknowledges” Peters’ loaned him money, paid him a salary and paid him to produce behind the scenes videos. Also, that Burnett took computer equipment belonging to Axanar Productions. In return:

Peters agrees to drop all of claims against Burnett, whether monetary or otherwise, including all claims for debt, equipment, intellectual property or defamation.
  • Don’t sue me. Ever. Burnett must agree never to file suit against Peters for anything (e.g., money, damage to reputation).
  • Don’t bad-mouth me and I won’t bad mouth you: The two mutually agree to not publicly disparage one another.
  • Peters’ business practices are one of the items specified that Burnett is not permitted discuss. We’ve covered these extensively.
  • Non-disclosure agreement: The one Burnett signed in 2015 would be incorporated into the settlement agreement.

Return Everything Axanar

Peters wants Burnett to return every bit of digital property relating to Axanar the former director still has in his possession.

  • Give up ownership claims for anything related to Axanar, including copyright.
  • No documentaries or release of anything using any Axanar-owned material whatsoever.
  • Take down videos: All Axanar-related videos Burnett has released on his website and YouTube must come down, especially those in which Burnett allegedly defamed Peters.

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