PETERS’ COLLECTION These costumes (Trelane, Khan and Garth) in Alec Peters’ Star Trek props and costume collection aren’t technically his if you’re suing him. Image/Axanar Productions

MAY 19, 2019 | 3 MIN READ

Peters: I Don't Own ‘My’ Prop and Costume Collection

Off-hand reference in Patreon-only livestream raises legal question in new lawsuit against Peters

Axanar producer Alec Peters often poses with items from what he says is his extensive collection of props, costumes and other film and television memorabilia.

Not Technically the Owner

It turns out he doesn’t own much of it. At least technically.

That’s what Peters told his Ares Studios patrons last night in an exclusive YouTube livestream.

Peters’ props and costumes are protected from being seized in a legal battle where Peters is personally named.


TECHNICALITIES In this clip from a Patreon-exclusive livestream, Alec Peters reveals he is not the legal owner of his own prop and costume collection. Video/Ares Studios YouTube channel

Here’s how Peters describes it:

My whole collection is protected the same way. ‘Alec Peters’ does not technically own all my props and costumes. So if something like this happens then those items can’t be seized.1)

In a suit filed in Iowa last week, former Axanar PR director Mike Bawden revealed he loaned the Axanar producer $30,000 with Peters’ prop and costume collection put up as security for the loan. But was it Alec Peters who put up the collateral or ‘Alec Peters’?

The possibility Alec Peters the person might have pledged property as collateral that is owned by “Alec Peters a separate legal entity,” as was revealed in AxaMonitor Daily, concerned Bawden, who posted in the AxaMonitor Facebook group:

The most recent developments — that Alec is claiming he doesn’t actually own his prop collection, which he used to collateralize his note to me — is of some concern. Clearly, he’s misunderstood the implications of this possible admission, and I fully believe he’ll pay me what’s due ASAP because any intent to intentionally mislead me by claiming the security offered through assets he actually didn’t have (or assets he subsequently “off-loaded”) for the money loaned to him would be, by any definition, fraud, and create not only financial peril for the lender (me) but also tremendous emotional distress since my understanding was that I was considered a trusted advisor and “consigliere” to Alec and Axanar Productions.2)

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Alec Peters, Patreon exclusive livestream, Ares Studios YouTube channel, 5/16/19.
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