BRAND NEW Ares Studios’ new home is a much smaller warehouse still under construction but expected to be ready for move-in by Axanar on May 1, 2019. Image/LoopNet


Amid Pokey Patreon, Peters Concedes Loss of Warehouse

Patreon Likely to Produce Enough to Pay For a Much Smaller Facility Nearby to House Axanar, Ares Studios

In the face of his lagging Patreon, Axanar producer Alec Peters confirmed on his Reel Trek livestream that he believes it’s “the right move” to abandon the 6,000 square foot warehouse he calls Ares Studios in favor of a nearby facility half the size.

Slow Growth Not Enough

Up from zero: After a day with no new donors or pledges, the Patreon effort notched up a bit to save Axanar’s home in the warehouse producer Alec Peters calls Ares Studios:

  • Three new donors made pledges, two of them during Peters’ Reel Trek show on YouTube on Friday evening for a total of 157.
  • A total $11 more was pledged between the new patrons toward the Patreon campaign, which stood at $1,432.
SLUGGISH GROWTH A day after Patreon growth bottomed out, Alec Peters announced his move into a smaller warehouse. Click graph to view full size.

Back to Zero

The day after the upward blip from Reel Trek, the campaign’s donor and pledge growth once again fell back to zero.

« We really think moving into the smaller facility, no matter how much money we make, is the right move. » — Axanar’s Alec Peters on Reel Trek

Best for Business

Combined with the $1,200 a month Peter has claimed he earns from monetizing the Axanar YouTube channel, the Patreon is expected to produce enough to pay the $2,500 Peters needs for the smaller warehouse. In an update to his Patreon blog, he wrote:

Together we are making over $2,200 a month now, which means we have secured the future of the U.S.S. Ares bridge set, as we are set to move to a smaller, brand new building, right next door, in May. There our rent will only be $2,100 a month. Add in utilities and insurance and we are at about $2,500.

Having a lower overhead is important to ensure the long term future of the studio. So thank you! Because of you, Ares Studios is on the rise!1)

Smaller Facility

Meanwhile, observers who believed Peters had planned from the beginning to move out of his $4,000 warehouse had their speculation confirmed by him on Reel Trek (watch at 44:59). Peters confirmed:

  • The new warehouse, about half the size, is only big enough “for the bridge [set] and storage,” casting doubt on the facility’s usefulness beyond shooting Star Trek fan films.
  • The right move: “We really think moving into the smaller facility, no matter how much money we make, is the right move.” The new warehouse should cost about half as much.
  • Not enough room for the other two disassembled Axanar sets, the captain’s quarters and corridor.

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