TUMBLING Axanar’s audience numbers for its Axanar: Confidential and Reel Trek shows continue to flail.

MARCH 2, 2019 | 2 MIN READ

Examining Reel Trek Claims by Peters

Doubtful Pronouncements on YouTube Livechat as Audience Numbers Dwindle

Last night’s Reel Trek : Axanar producer Alec Peters claims he’s earning $3,000 a month between Patreon and YouTube to pay for his warehouse.

Accounting for Patreon losses

It wasn’t clear whether Peters was taking into account the donors who dropped their Patreon pledges yesterday.

Undocumented YouTube revenue

Peters has made varying claims for his YouTube revenue, ostensibly from monetized videos and from superchats contributed by viewers of his livestreams. However, there’s no way to confirm how much he’s actually earning from the Axanar channel.


REEL TREK episode 8 is now available on the Axanar YouTube channel.

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‘Art of Axanar’ Book

Peters also announced plans for a book, “The Art of Axanar,” he plans to produce in connection with the Axanar short films fans have been waiting for since 2017. He claims it should be okay to publish such a book since the fan film guidelines apply only to films, not books.

Copyright concern: While it’s true the guidelines only apply to fan films, that doesn’t mean such a book is absolved from possible copyright infringement if it still is based on Star Trek intellectual property.

Axanar-related books have long been part of Peters’ revenue plans, since back when he was selling Axanar merchandise on through an online store.

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