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2019/01/22 16:11 Carlos Pedraza CROWN JEWELThe U.S.S. Ares bridge set, built for the never-to-be-made feature, is the centerpiece of a Patreon campaign to attract funding to keep Alec Peters’… , , , ,
2019/01/22 15:33 Carlos Pedraza Axanar producer Alec Peters chats with fans during his inaugural livestream on YouTube.Image/Axanar YouTube Channel |10 MINS ESTIMATED READING TIME Planning … , , , ,
2018/05/08 18:17 Carlos Pedraza THE STUDIO that donors built: Axanar’s abandoned California studio remains empty, its landlord having tragically passed away. Photo/Axanar Productions Axanar's… , , ,
2018/04/23 15:01 Carlos Pedraza TRANSPORT COORDINATES? Axanar seeks a place to move its sets. Photo: Starbase Studios Axanar's Frustrating Search for Space to Store Sets With Studio Gone, Pe… , , ,
2018/04/21 12:44 Carlos Pedraza Axanar's Crowdfunding Effort to Save Studio Lacks a Crowd At Halfway Mark, Zero New Donors and Money, and Analysts Predict It’ll Miss Even Its Low-Ball Goal … , , ,
2018/03/01 18:07 Carlos Pedraza The ‘red rocket’ art featured as the Facebook cover image for Alec Peters’ new company is taken from the copyrighted Fallout 4 video game. Image/Bethesda Peter… , ,
2018/02/07 11:37 Carlos Pedraza Alec Peters Strikes Deal with Studio Landlord, Moving Out Axanar Continues Foundering Indiegogo Campaign Despite Loss of Costly Studio That Was Its Centerpiece… , , , ,
2017/09/05 13:27 Carlos Pedraza Star Trek actor Tony Todd (left) and Prelude to Axanar director Christian Gossett appear in a monitor on set during Prelude‘s production in 2014. Both later dep… , , , , ,
2017/06/20 15:02 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Leasing Warehouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia The Move to Alec Peters’ Former Home Puts Axanar Back at Square One By Carlos Pedraza Axanar Production… , , ,
2017/04/29 00:04 Carlos Pedraza The actual warehouse Axanar is leasing outside Atlanta in Lawrenceville, Ga. Fool Me Once, Shame on You EDITORIAL By Carlos Pedraza AxaMonitor editor … , , , , ,
2017/04/19 05:36 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Pulls Up Stakes for Move to Atlanta Sets Going, Too, Yet Questions Remain About New Facility, Charitable Goals By Carlos Pedraza In an April 18, 20… , , , , ,