Axanar Productions

Axanar Productions Inc. is one of the named defendants in the lawsuit brought by CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures for copyright infringement against its Star Trek intellectual property.

Axanar Productions is a Valencia, Calif.-based, film production company and for-profit corporation registered in the state of California. Alec Peters, producer of the Axanar film, is its chief executive officer.

Which Axanar Do We Mean?
Throughout the AxaMonitor site, the term ‘Axanar,’ without italics, is used colloquially to refer to the group of people producing the film, Axanar, which is italicized to refer specifically to the film. The production company (and lawsuit defendant) 'Axanar Productions’ is always referred to by its formal name.


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Subsidiary Activities

ARES STUDIOS is the Valencia, Calif., soundstage being retrofitted for profit by Alec Peters with funds raised by donors to the film, Axanar. This picture from its Indiegogo campaign features the studio name Photoshopped onto the warehouse exterior.

Ares Studios

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This commercial production facility comprises a soundstage, production offices, editing suite and other amenities built out in a warehouse leased by Axanar Productions. The cost for the improvements were at least $400,000, and funded by Axanar’s second Kickstarter campaign.

On March 16, 2016, Axanar announced it was selling the Ares Studios assets to a private investor group in an effort to apply proceeds from the sale to the unmet production budget for Axanar.

Other Activities

  • Ares Digital order processing and fulfillment service
  • Book publishing
  • Scifi film school
  • AxaCon fan convention1)

LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as well as downloadable pleadings made by the plaintiffs, CBS and Paramount, and defendants Alec Peters and Axanar Productions Inc. » Lawsuit Primer

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