AN EXCERPT from AxaMonitor’s “Illustrated Guide to the Axanar Lawsuit,” depicting part of Axanar attorney Erin Ranahan’s defense strategy, along with the legal terminology featured in court documents and at trial.

AxaMonitor's Illustrated Guide to the Axanar Lawsuit

To mark the one-year anniversary of CBS and Paramount‘s copyright infringement against producer Alec Peters and Axanar Productions, AxaMonitor has published an illustrated guide explaining the two sides’ legal maneuverings.

“An Illustrated Guide to the Axanar Lawsuit,” a 12-page comic book, explains why Peters and Axanar are being sued and how his lawyers are planning to defend him.

BATTLE FOR AXANAR Cover of AxaMonitor’s Illustrated Guide to the Axanar Lawsuit.

The comic book format lends itself well to explaining the complexities of copyright litigation, and with the trial expected to begin January 31, 2017, aims to acquaint casual observers with what’s at stake in the case and the terms they’ll hear thrown around in court.


The comic book is available to download in these versions:

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