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This is the first page of older news items that have cycled off the AxaMonitor home page.

UNSOUND STAGE A close look at the long-delayed and thin so-called independent report on Axanar’s finances. Also: What’s behind the delayed crowdfunding launch on behalf of Axanar’s soundstage — which turns out to not even be soundproofed. Read more » (Filed 3/9/17)

CORPORATE SECRETS AxaMonitor has obtained documents revealing Axanar’s corporate structure, exposing its surrogates’ false statements and facts previously obfuscated by its spokesman. Read more » (Filed 3/6/17)

ACCOUNTING FOR AXANAR On the eve of the release of Axanar’s long-delayed so-called financial review, insider accounts shine a spotlight on a growing number of questions about producer Alec Peters’ management and financial practices. Read more » (Filed 3/6/17)

WILL THE TAKEDOWN HOLD UP? In the wake of its own copyright infringement troubles, Axanar ironically claims copyright protection against the fan edit of Prelude to Axanar. An AxaMonitor analysis of the YouTube takedown of Prelude: Redux. Read more » (Filed 2/18/17)

SETTLEMENT AFTERMATH Many loose threads remain in the aftermath of the settlement of Axanar’s copyright lawsuit, including whether producer Alec Peters admitted he ran afoul of copyright law and if its director would stay on. Read more » (Filed 1/26/17)

PETERS’ INEXPERIENCE as a film producer caused constant behind-the-scenes trouble in the development of Axanar, co-writer Bill Hunt said in a deposition submitted as evidence in the upcoming copyright infringement trial. Read more » (Filed 1/20/17)

A GRIM CODA to the story of Axanar’s former California studio, abandoned after OWC Studios head Alec Peters ran out of donors’ money: His former landlord died unexpectedly in January, after he had tried for months to find a buyer or tenant for the empty studio. That threw into confusion assurances Peters had given donors about future use of the facility. Read more » (Filed 2/6/18)

REVERSAL OF FORTUNE A federal judge refused to dismiss the copyright and trademark infringement case by the Doctor Seuss estate against Star Trek writer and Axanar advocate David Gerrold and his partners for their so-called Seuss-Trek mashup. Read at the Hollywood Reporter » (Filed 12/8/17)

AXANAR MERCH FOR SALE With the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, an Alabama-based bookseller is selling merchandise she claims Alec Peters gave her for free — merchandise manufactured using money donors meant for production of the Axanar feature. Read more » (Filed 10/27/17)

AXANAR-BACKED FUNDRAISER RAISES QUESTIONS A last-ditch campaign backed by Axanar to save a Canadian Star Trek museum successfully concludes amid questions about the CBS-licensed museum’s connections to Axanar, saddled with its own troubling crowdfunding and financial management past. Read more » (Filed 10/4/17)

SECRET DOCUMENTS Former chief technologist launches his controversial website, promising documents from Axanar’s internal hard drives, revealing information about the ill-fated project’s finances, unreported revenue, internal communication, visual effects and more. Read more » (Filed 8/21/17)

BLOOPERS LEGAL THREATS Axanar producer Alec Peters threatens to have Prelude actors take legal action over a former staffer’s planned release of a blooper reel aimed at Peters’ amateur acting. Read more » (Filed 7/20/17)

WIN SOME, LOSE SOME Axanar creative consultant David Gerrold scores some points in the trademark and copyright infringement case brought by the Dr. Seuss estate. Read more at Inc. » (Filed 7/4/17)

UNDISCLOSED POLL results are used by Axanar CEO Alec Peters to justify diverting Indiegogo funds to new purposes, like moving Star Trek sets and setting up shop somewhere else after losing the costly studio fans’ money had built but had never been used. Read more » (Filed 4/17/17)

INDIEGONEGONE? Axanar’s frustrating search for space to store its sets runs into burnt bridges with fan producers. And having lost his studio, Peters polls donors, hoping to divert the Indiegogo funds he raised to keep the studio to fund his relocation. Read more » (Filed 4/12/17)

VACATING THE PREMISES Peters strikes a deal with his landlord, who’s forgiving the rest of the lease so long as Axanar moves out of Industry Studios by the end of April. That hasn’t stopped Peters from continuing to collect money from his foundering Indiegogo campaign despite the loss of the studio that was its centerpiece. Read more » (Filed 4/9/17)

SOUND AND FURY Axanar’s crowdfunding initiative to save Industry Studios lacks a crowd. At the halfway mark in his Indiegogo campaign, CEO Alec Peters’ lackluster promotional efforts have kept former supporters away. Read more » (Filed 4/4/17)

A WEE COMIC For the duration of Axanar’s attempt on Indiegogo to get Star Trek fans to continue to pay for the operations of its beleaguered studio, we’re publishing a daily webcomic trying to offer an incisive look at the effort, which needs $200,000 to begin to put the soundstage on a sound financial track. Read more » (Filed 3/26/17)

NO MORE KICKSTARTER After Axanar’s delayed Kickstarter pitch video leaked, producer Alec Peters announced a last-minute switch to Indiegogo for a 30-day campaign to pay for its’ studio rent. Read more » (Updated 3/17/17)

PETERS ASSERTS COPYRIGHT AGAINST FAN EDIT In an ironic turn, Alec Peters issued a takedown against a pseudonymous fan-edit of Prelude to Axanar that cut his appearance as Garth of Izar. Read more » (Filed 2/15/17)

MEET THE EDITOR who recut Prelude to Axanar, shaving off four minutes and eliminating controversial producer Alec Peters. Learn what’s behind the fan edit. Read more » (Filed 2/15/17)

FROM THERE TO HERE TrekZone’s Matthew Miller and AxaMonitor editor Carlos Pedraza team up in a three-part podcast to examine the past, present and future of fan films in the wake of the settlement of Axanar’s copyright infringement lawsuit. Read more » (Filed 2/11/17)

PUBLIC DONATIONS APPEAL REMOVED Axanar removes its website’s donation link and language portraying it as a nonprofit—just a cosmetic change? Read more » (Filed 2/6/17)

PUBLIC APPEAL FOR PRIVATE DONATIONS Is Axanar’s website publicly building a private email list as an end run around fundraising prohibited by the terms of its lawsuit settlement? Also, Alec Peters named a new financial reviewer who may have a conflict of interest. Read more » (Filed 1/28/17)

AXANAR SETTLES After an eleventh-hour flurry of negotiations with its January 31 trial looming, producer Alec Peters came to an accord with CBS and Paramount that ends the year-long copyright battle. Something like Axanar will be allowed but under CBS’ restrictive fan film guidelines. Read more » (Filed 1/20/17)

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