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This is an analysis of the publicly available information about Axanar’s Indiegogo campaign, a 30-day effort in March 2014, to fund production of the short film, Prelude to Axanar.

About the Kickstarter Data

The campaign to produce Prelude to Axanar concluded March 31, 2014, with $101,171 from 2,123 backers; the fundraising goal was only $10,000. However, 56 backers appeared to donate without seeking rewards. The average contribution from these undisclosed backers was about $124.

This is one in a series of AxaMonitor articles examining Axanar’s crowdfunding efforts, its spending, its goals and how it has reported on those activities. The entire series is listed here.

Donations Divvied Up

Consequently, this analysis is based only on the amount raised from backers who did choose rewards ($94,210).1)

The following figures demonstrate:

  • Donors of small amounts (under $100) were 85 percent of the backers (Figure 1).
  • However, those small contributions totaled just more than half the amount raised (Figure 2).
  • Just 15 percent of campaign backers contributed almost half (46 percent) the proceeds.

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Distribution of Donors

The following chart displays the number of donors distributed across all the funding levels offered by the campaign.

By comparison, the 2015 Indiegogo campaign offered much higher-end donation levels, which resulted in a small number of donors that contributed significant amounts. This campaign, on the other hand, had a more level distribution of backers across the donation levels offered.

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Source Data

Download the source documents for the series of articles. The data was assembled into spreadsheets from publicly accessible information made available by the crowdfunding platforms and/or the Axanar Annual Report. Click on the citation number to access the downloadable spreadsheets. 2)

Submit Findings

Readers who make interesting findings by sorting the crowdfunding and financial data on their own are invited to submit them to AxaMonitor. Please use the Feedback page to submit new information. Thank you!


Download Excel spreadsheet with data from Axanar crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Also, the Axanar Financials spreadsheet summarizes data from the Axanar Annual Report, 2015, Revised, and the data used to generate charts in the Ambition vs. Achievement article. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. You can learn more about how we use cookies by reading our Privacy Policy, though cookies are not required to browse AxaMonitor. More information about cookies