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2020/03/16 10:16 Carlos Pedraza Prelude to Axanar By Carlos Pedraza Prelude to Axanar (full title: The Four Years War Part III: Prelude to Axanar) is a 2014 fan-made short film, 22 minut… , , ,
2020/01/25 13:24 Carlos Pedraza [Source: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski, Creative Commons license] Analysis Ambition vs. Achievement analysis This is one in a series of AxaMonitor articles exami… , , ,
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2019/04/24 15:15 Carlos Pedraza AXANAR SPAM Just four of the dozens of repeated posts by Alec Peters removed by Kickstarter from Axanar’s own page for violating the crowdfunder’s no-spamming p… , ,
2019/04/21 03:59 Carlos Pedraza BETA TEST PROBLEMS’ Image/Fan Film Factor | 2 MIN READ Why Ares Digital 3.0, Two Months Late, Still Isn't Ready Alec Peters explains why the data platform … , , ,
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2019/02/23 20:19 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Pulls Up Stakes for Move to Atlanta Sets Going, Too, Yet Questions Remain About New Facility, Charitable Goals By Carlos Pedraza In an April 18, 20… , , , , ,
2019/02/23 19:49 Carlos Pedraza Video/Axanar Productions Axanar Studio Crowdfunding Campaign Begins March 20 After Premature Leak of Pitch Video, Campaign Shifts from Kickstarter to Indiegog… , , ,
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2019/02/15 23:40 Carlos Pedraza Axanar producer Alec Peters chats with fans during his inaugural livestream on YouTube.Image/Axanar YouTube Channel |10 MINS ESTIMATED READING TIME Planning … , , , ,
2019/02/12 18:34 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Launches New Fulfillment Platform Main article: What's Up With the Perks? See also: In Wake of Perk Problems, Peters Claims Axanar is Broke and Axanar… , ,
2019/02/11 17:34 Carlos Pedraza Illustration based on image from Axanar Productions | 4 MIN READ Loss of Warehouse Spurs Donations Axanar moves for the second time in two years, again to … , , , , ,
2019/02/11 12:32 Carlos Pedraza Image/Paul Wilson–Flickr | 2 MIN READ Ares Digital 3.0 Gets a Launch Timeline Peters Predicts the Software Platform to Launch by end of February By Car… ,
2019/02/10 04:36 Carlos Pedraza LAST TIME’’Axanar Image/Axanar Productions |2 MINS READING TIME Ares Digital 3.0b Drops into Public Beta Axanar Short Films Won’t Happen Until Troubled Softw… , ,
2019/02/03 02:30 Carlos Pedraza IGNORING TRENDS Data/Graphtreon | Graphic/AxaMonitor | 6 MINS ESTIMATED READING TIME Patreon Progress Slows Precipitously Axanar Surrogate Seeks to Comfort … , , , ,
2019/01/29 14:19 Carlos Pedraza CROWN JEWELThe U.S.S. Ares bridge set, built for the never-to-be-made feature, is the centerpiece of a Patreon campaign to attract funding to keep Alec Peters’… , , , ,
2018/10/23 15:44 Carlos Pedraza ‘SOUND’ FOOTING? Despite spending hundreds of thousands of donors’ dollars building his Industry Studios business, Axanar producer Alec Peters revealed his soun… , , , ,
2018/09/21 16:48 Carlos Pedraza Axanar is Broke, Peters Claims Axanar Surrogate Claims Donor Funds in Escrow By Carlos Pedraza In May 2016, Axanar producer Alec Peters claimed the product… ,
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2018/08/05 23:54 Carlos Pedraza CASE STATUS January 20, 2017 Axanar settles its copyright infringement lawsuit, admitting it overreached; both sides file for dismissal of the case in U.S. Dist… , , , , , , ,
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2018/04/27 14:58 Carlos Pedraza SUPERIOR FUNDRAISING Crowdfunding Platforms Axanar raised its operating funds from fundraising efforts on the two most prominent crowdfunding platforms, Kicks… ,
2018/04/23 15:01 Carlos Pedraza TRANSPORT COORDINATES? Axanar seeks a place to move its sets. Photo: Starbase Studios Axanar's Frustrating Search for Space to Store Sets With Studio Gone, Pe… , , ,
2018/04/21 12:44 Carlos Pedraza Axanar's Crowdfunding Effort to Save Studio Lacks a Crowd At Halfway Mark, Zero New Donors and Money, and Analysts Predict It’ll Miss Even Its Low-Ball Goal … , , ,
2018/03/20 16:11 Carlos Pedraza LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as well as downloadable pleadings made by the plaintiffs, CBS and Par… , , , ,
2018/03/16 17:48 Carlos Pedraza A BLU-RAY DISC originally offered as a reward for the 2014 Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter campaign was later offered as merchandise for a $60 “retroactive donati… , ,
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2017/08/31 18:39 Carlos Pedraza Original Image/Axanar Productions Axanar Plans to Divert Indiegogo Money to Relocation Cites Undisclosed Poll Results to Justify Diverting Funds; Nonprofit Ap… , ,
2016/11/10 13:25 Carlos Pedraza Crowd Fund for Axanar Expenses Abruptly Ended Peters Cancels Campaign After Blogger Admits Axanar is Out of Money, Sought $45,000 By Carlos Pedraza A GoF… ,
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2016/09/10 20:05 Carlos Pedraza ["Seattle Intellectual Property Firm Founded By Timothy B McCormack," used under Creative Commons license] Fan Films: Breaking the Unwritten Rules and Defining… , , , , ,
2016/06/05 23:02 Carlos Pedraza Prelude Kickstarter Details Main article: Crowdfunding Platforms See also: Axanar Kickstarter Details and Axanar Indiegogo Details This is an analysis of th…
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