Think of the Children

A Kids' Book for Understanding Axanar Finances, Indiegogo

By Carlos Pedraza
AxaMonitor Editor
22 March 2017

Following the success of its Illustrated Guide to the Axanar Lawsuit, AxaMonitor now presents its analysis of Axanar’s recent Donor Memo and Financial Report, and its Indiegogo campaign, as a kids’ book, “Think of the Children.”

THINK OF THE CHILDREN is available for download from the AxaMonitor website as a:
PDF (51 MB)
iBook (Apple ePub, 14 MB)
Kindle book (.mobi, 14 MB)
The book is also available in the Files section of the AxaMonitor Facebook group.

Why a Kids' Book?

The intent of the book (available in PDF and eBook formats) is to make it entertaining and easy to understand Axanar’s finances, the situation with its beleaguered soundstage and its Indiegogo campaign to save that studio.

Correcting Axanar Claims

It also corrects such claims from Axanar Productions CEO Alec Peters that a successful crowdfunding campaign would create “the first fan-funded movie studio,” a title more aptly won by Legion M, established in 2016 as studio owned by the fans whose donations are equity investments.

EXPLORING AXANAR An inquisitive Starfleet cadet goes on an adventure with his commander to learn about Axanar, its finances and its Indiegogo campaign to rescue the beleaguered Industry Studios.

Paying the Rent

Axanar donors will not own anything; their Indiegogo contributions will merely pay the rent and monthly operational costs for Industry Studios, Peters’ as-yet-incomplete soundstage, which is not even soundproofed.

The Cadet and the Commander

The two characters in “Think of the Children” are a Starfleet cadet and his commanding officer, who take a shuttlecraft trip to Memory Alpha, visit a holodeck, and join an Away Team to learn about Axanar. The book, available under a Creative Commons license, is 36 pages long, and modeled after the Little Golden Books many of us grew up on.

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