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2020/03/16 10:16 Carlos Pedraza Prelude to Axanar By Carlos Pedraza Prelude to Axanar (full title: The Four Years War Part III: Prelude to Axanar) is a 2014 fan-made short film, 22 minut… , , ,
2019/10/07 16:20 Carlos Pedraza FROSTED TIPS Axanar producer Alec Peters answers questions in Second Life using an avatar in Next Generation-era garb and a hairstyle featuring frosted tips. A… , , , , , ,
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2018/06/23 19:16 Carlos Pedraza [From Axanar Productions production gallery] Axanar (Film) Axanar is the title of the feature-length film (formerly titled Star Trek: Axanar) at the center … , , , ,
2018/06/17 12:41   TONY TODD left Axanar citing several problems with producer Alec Peters. Tony Todd By Carlos Pedraza Actor Tony Todd portrayed Admiral Ramirez in the sho… , , ,
2017/10/31 01:17 Carlos Pedraza 'Axanar' Co-Writer Says Peters Lacked Producer Experience Deposition Details Behind-the-Scenes Troubles That Plagued Development of the Film By Carlos Pedr… , ,
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2016/04/11 23:03 Carlos Pedraza [The cast of //Prelude to Axanar.//] Cast [Rotate mobile device for best view of chart] Here are the Axanar cast members so far announced‭. ‬With the lawsuit… ,
2016/03/25 21:53 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Productions Axanar Productions Inc. is one of the named defendants in the lawsuit brought by CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures for copyright infring… , , , , , ,
2016/02/20 17:40 Carlos Pedraza Production Halted Did Axanar‘s director just let slip that production is on hold until the lawsuit is resolved? DIRECTORFree EnterpriseAxanar UPDATED 2/20/16 w… , , ,